Louisiana Prison and Parole Lawyers

Nordyke and Greenfield, LLC provides representation for parole hearings, parole revocations, pardon applications, pardon hearings, time computation issues and other prison related legal issues.

Parole and Prison Related Services offered

We handle parole, parole revocation and pardon cases routinely at a fixed fee.  Other prison related matters are usually handled based on a negotiated fee.
Parole Cases  - We should be consulted at least a year prior to any anticipated parole hearing.  Our practice is to meet with the client, completely evaluate the case and prospects for parole release and then make affirmative suggestions to increase prospects for parole.  One of the things of which we are the most proud is our low recidivism rate.  Our clients almost never go back to prison!  One of the reasons for the low return rate is the work that we do prior to the parole hearing to prepare the client for successful adjustment on return to society.

Pardon Cases - All pardon cases are different.  We will initially evaluate the case to determine the chances of successful presentation to the Board of Pardons.  ONLY if we feel there is a reasonable opportunity for pardon success, will we quote a fee or agree to undertake a case.  We regret that we are unable to accept those cases in which we don't believe there is a reasonable chance of a pardon grant from the Board. 

We are no longer handling:

Time computation matters
Post conviction cases

We are ONLY handling Parole and Pardon matters and will not be able to make referrals.