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We will be adding links and news regarding parole to this section.  Also, we will try to summarize the legislative material that develops each session.

January 25, 2016- Montgomery v. Louisiana decides that Miller is retroactive.  This means that nearly 300 lifers whose offense was committed as a juvenile may have a chance at freedom.  Call Keith (225) 383-1601 - if you want more information about how this may help your loved one.  This only applied to people convicted of a homicide committed UNDER age 18 and who were given a life sentence.

2014 Legislative results relating to Pardon and Parole!

HB 8 is now Act 6 and reduces a lifer's time to reapply for a pardon from 7 years to 5 years.  Remember that the first application is only after 15 year.  All subsequent applications are on a 5 year schedule.  This is effective 8/1/14.

Act 37 (was HB 196) allows habitual offenders (15:529.1) to go to work release (TWP) within a year of release date.  NOTE:  The DOC has NOT created the regulations on this bill as of June 26 and it is likely that this bill will take a while to be implemented. 

Act 52 (HB 326) alllows DA to obtain offender records from parole committee and to appear and oppose.  We don't see this as a real change in the law.

Act 87 (HB 751) allows for restoration of good time if no major (schedule B or "high court") write ups within 24 consecutive months.  It is 6 months for a schedule A WU.

Act 126 (SB 383) allows for a 10 year cleansing period for offender class.  This may allow a few "third offenders" to become parole eligible but really won't help a lot of the guys.

Act 145 (HB 55) - May help some folks that are out get their TWIC card.  We haven't fully read this as what we usually deal with are folks still locked up.

Act 153 (HB 210)  - This is a bill we worked on and it is a huge win for the sick and ill inmates.  The definitions for medical parole have been changed for the better!  The regulations are still in process and it may be a number of months before this is fully implemented but we think it will really help get medical parole granted for those that need it.

Act 191 (HB 670) - allows a reductuion of sentence (and intensive parole instead) for some habitual offenders.  No regs yet.  Don't really expect any regs for several months.

Enough for tonight, 6/26/14.  We'll add more next week. 

Carol and Keith