Louisiana Prison and Parole Lawyers

Carol J. Greenfield

Carol Greenfield has been practicing law for over 34 years.  Immediately following admission to the Louisiana State Bar Association, Carol began her career as a law clerk for a state judge sitting on criminal cases providing Carol a strong foundation in the basics of criminal law.  She followed that clerkship with a clerkship in the Court of Appeal for the First Circuit which provided extensive experience in legal research and drafting opinions for judges.

For over 30 years, Carol has maintained a litigation practice focused on the rights of individuals.  When the opportunity arose to work with prisoners and prisoner families, Carol sought and obtained training to become the first Louisiana lawyer actually trained to handle parole cases. 

The typical parole case is approached by first interviewing the prospective client, determining if she is able to assist with a likelihood of success in winning freedom and then quoting a fee.    In most cases, she and Keith Nordyke consult and collaborate to achieve the best result for the client.

If you are interested in having Carol evaluate a parole or pardon matter for your loved one, give Carol a call at (225) 383-1601 or send her an email at cgreenfield@nglawllc.com.