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Does an inmate need a lawyer for a parole hearing? 

Is it really necessary to have a lawyer? 

Will any lawyer do for a parole hearing?

January 25, 2016 - Miller v. Alabama is retroactive!   See News page!         

The Odds of Winning Parole in Louisiana

In 2011, a Louisiana prisoner's chance of winning parole averaged in the low 20% range  (or 1 in 5).    The chances of obtaining a parole rehearing are only about 10%. 

If your loved one is coming up for a first parole hearing,  failure to win parole will likely mean more years of incarceration.   If your loved one has parole revoked, they will return to prison to serve out their time. 

If you are denied on your first parole hearing, there are no further automatic parole hearings.

Do you want to risk this parole opportunity alone?  How many parole board hearings have you sat through?  Do you know the questions that will be asked?  How do you know who to contact for parole help?

How to Increase the Chances of Earning Parole

A professional analysis of the case, careful preparation of the parole documentation, client preparation and advocacy make a difference.  If a prisoner wants to make the best of the opportunity for freedom at the initial parole hearing or achieve a better chance of getting a second parole hearing, competent legal counsel is essential.

Keith Nordyke and Carol Greenfield have been practicing prison law and representing prisoners at parole hearings for over 30 years.   With freedom and liberty at stake, you and your loved ones need an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable about the prison system, good time, revocations and who can successfully handle a parole case.  While a guarantee is not possible, the firm has been successful in obtaining freedom for a high percentage of his clients including many that have incarcerated for more than 20 years. 

You and your family should have a lawyer that handles cases in front of the Parole Board regularly,  and with your loved one's freedom at stake, not someone handling their first parole case.    Credibility with the Board is crucial to success and is only achieved by many appearances and absolute honesty with the Parole Board.

Parole revocation can often be challenged successfully.  Early contact with a lawyer that handles these types of cases is important. 

Questions you MUST ask of anyone you may want to represent a prisoner before the parole board  include:

  • How many parole cases have they handled?

  • Can the lawyer name ALL current members of the parole board without looking them up?  If the answer is "No," it is likely that the lawyer doesn't have experience in parole practice.

  • Has the lawyer ever lectured on parole issues or taught the subject?

  • Ask about recent successes and failures.  Will the lawyer give references?

  • Do the inmate counsel know and trust the lawyer? 

Don't let families and loved ones be taken in by people who don't know what they are doing.  A recent case at Angola and Hunt involved an ex-con posing as a lawyer who stole many thousands of dollars from inmates and their families.  Make sure that you are dealing with a "real" lawyer that knows this field of parole law.

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Our law firm handles parole hearings on a statewide basis.  We also handle issues of prison law including transfers, good time issues, parole eligibility, pardons, "time cuts" and time computation. Call us at (225) 383-1601 or email Keith at

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